Vrolyk Capital Partners arranges both private equity and debt financing for clients who need growth capital for expansion and/or acquisitions. We have the expertise and experience to assist companies in this process by employing a highly focused effort targeting the most appropriate capital sources for each client. We provide advice on positioning, structuring, and negotiating all terms and conditions.

Private Equity

VCP focuses on assisting established companies with successful operating histories who are generally seeking to raise $5 million or more in growth capital. We will also represent management teams with demonstrated experience, assisting them in the structuring and financing of the purchase of a specific target company. Our firm has relationships with a broad range of institutional financing sources including companies, pension funds and later stage private equity funds. Because institutions have a wide range of investment criteria and preferences, we specifically match client financing with the most suitable sources. In some cases we can provide not only expansion capital but also partial liquidity for founders through buy-in by a capital source.

Greenhouse International LLC

VCPs founder assisted Greenhouse International LLC in raising $4.5 million to launch a line of leisure and fitness products using direct response television advertising (DR-TV). The founders had created a portfolio of proprietary products that were ready to be marketed on television and then later rolled out into retail channels including the ProAim, a golf training device and a home gym product that uses pneumatic technology rather than weights. Far eastern investors provided the equity through their investment group Noble Green.

Cosmetic Therapeutics, Inc.

VCPs founder assisted Cosmetic Therapeutics, Inc. in raising $4.5 million of private equity to expand its retail operations in San Diego under the CosmeticsRx brand. CosmeticRx is a unique concept that sells it proprietary skin careline in a format where they also provide cosmetic dermatology services such as BOTOX injections and facial peels under the supervision of medical practitioners. The model is essentially a "Lenscrafters" for skin and was founded by a dermatologist who found most department store brands inconsistent with the recommendations of doctors in the skin profession.

Beverages & more!

VCPs professionals arranged a $9 million private equity financing for Beverages & more! to launch a new super store concept in the beverage and specialty food business. The Company, along with Madison Dearborn Capital Partners, Inc., its capital source, successfully proved the concept by launching 6 stores in its first year of operation. Since the initial financing, the Company has grown to over $200 million in revenue from its stores throughout California.